Racing on Fridays at 7:30 PM
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11B - Aaron  Betz
Avoca, MN

Family: Wife - Nikkya, Children - Krystyna, Alex
Number of Years Racing:
22 years

Car Information
2008 Pro Chassis
Bruce Bertrand & Aaron Betz
Pit Crew:
Bruce Bertrand, Nikkya Betz, Ginny Bertrand, Who ever shows up

Sponsors: Jason Schultz Construction, Monogram Meat Snacks, Metz Waste Applicators,
  Eric's Electric Motor Repair, Christiansen Family Farms, Dale Johnson, Construction,
  Hartz Trucking, Rob's Repair, Guide Point Pharmacy, Feed Shak, Al's Heating & Plumbing,
  McNess - Dennis Bertrans, Vaske's Backhoe, Kunerth Seed Center, TC Automotive

What tracks will you be racing at in 2013: Slayton, Redwood Falls, Jackson, Arlington,

Awards & Accomplishments:
   Betz Racing: Four Track Championships, Sport Compact North Star Series Champion
                       3rd in National Points in Sport Compacts last two years, Several
                       Feature Wins

   Bertrand Racing: One Track Championship, Several Feature Wins

Racing Goals: One feature win, top 5 in points at Slayton and Jackson and
   top 5 in the North Star Series

Favorite Professional Race Car Driver:  Brad Keselowski

Other Interesting Team Summary: Bertrand Racing and Betz Racing merged to
  form B & B Racing. We will have One great year.

2013 Season

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