Racing on Fridays at 7:30 PM
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11 - Chris LeTendre
Slayton, MN

Family: Wife - Alex
Number of Years Racing:
1.5 Years

Car Information
Year/Make/Model: Skyrocket
Owner: Fred Widboom
Pit Crew: Fred Widboom, Joan Widboom, Alex LeTendre, Mike Carlson, Craig Dahlhoff
  Terry Giesen, Jake Jenson, Mike LeTendre, Patrick LeTendre

Sponsors: Widboom Motors of Slayton, Power Brokers Inc of Sioux Falls, Mike Carlson
  Fabricating of Slayton

What tracks will you be racing at in 2013: Slayton, Redwood Falls, Jackson

Awards & Accomplishments: Won 3 races in a Hornet

Racing Goals: To become very competitive and hopefully be winning some races by
  mid season

Favorite Professional Race Car Driver: Dale Earnhardt Jr

Other Interesting Team Summary:

2013 Season

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