Racing on Fridays at 7:30 PM
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X - Josh Rogotzke
Sanborn, MN

Family: Single
Number of Years Racing:
5 Years

Car Information
Year/Make/Model: 2011 B&B / 2008 Larry Shaw
Owner: Josh Rogotzke
Pit Crew: Wade Rogotzke, Jesse Rogotzke, Jordan (Chubbs) Rogotzke, Tyler Davis,
  Tyler Siegfried, Shawn Kastner, Skyler Prins, Justin Malecek, Nick Kratz

Sponsors: Wade's Repair, Malecek Livestock, Fox International, Arnsdorf Livestock,
Bill Rogotzke & Son's Farms, Golden Harvest Seeds Bob Berg, Simonson Farms,
Polk Farms, Nickel Farms, Roadhouse Bar & Grill, Ramsbacher Farms and Trucking,
Todd's Repair and Kustom Petes, Glen's Auto Parts NAPA, Jeff Pankonin Farms,
Bulk Seed Systems, ICS Construction, Davis Graphics, Bierl Woodworking,
Straightline of Sanborn, Kratz Farms, Meat Mafia Trucking, Doug's Auto, Kas K Kustoms

What tracks will you be racing at in 2013: Slayton, Redwood Falls, Arlington, Fairmont,
  Boone, Spencer

Awards & Accomplishments: 3 Feature Wins, 2011 Redwood Speedway Track Champion

Racing Goals: Win Races, have fun, and meet new people

Favorite Professional Race Car Driver: Kasey Kahne

Other Interesting Team Summary:

2013 Season

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