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Name: 7 - Stephanie Forsberg
Slayton, MN

Number of Years Racing:
4 years

Car Information                                                                                                       
Year/Make/Model: 2003 Pontiac Sunfire
Owner: Stephanie Forsberg
Pit Crew: Neil Forsberg, Wendy Forsberg, Aranda Forsberg

Sponsors: Mom & Dad, Broadway Bowl, Haberman Farms, Schreier Farms, Engelkes Electric,
  LeRoy's Alignment, Hegstad's Equipment, Kevin Nelson Storage, Mike Carlson Fabricating,
  Last Chance Auto Parts, Sturdevant's of Slayton, Widboom Motors, Bonnstetter Farms

  Special Thanks: Nate & Jerry Coopman, Fred Widboom, John & Heather Engelkes

What tracks will you be racing at in 2013: Slayton, Jackson, Redwood Falls, Arlington

Awards & Accomplishments: 2012 - Track Champion at Murray County Speedway
                                               2012 - 4th place at Redwood Speedway
                                               2012 - 2nd Place in Points for IMCA for the State of Minnesota
                                               2011 - 4th in points in Slayton in 2011,
                                               2011 - Perfect Attendance in Slayton,
                                               2011 - Most Improved in Slayton,
                                               2011 - Sportsman of the year in Slayton,
                                               2008 in point standings at Nobles County Speedway

Racing Goals: Have fun & make memories!

Favorite Professional Race Car Driver: Carl Edwards

Other Interesting Team Summary:

2013 Season

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