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Racing Action from the Murray County Speedway
By Liz Prahm

The Friday June 13th was sponsored by Monogram Meat Snacks. Thanks to Monogram Meat Snacks, everyone who attended the races got some complimentary beef jerky to enjoy as they enjoyed some of the fast cars battle for the checkered flag. It was a big night of racing as the Redline Racing Parts IMCA Northstar Touring Series made the first of two stops at the Murray County Speedway. The next stop will be August 8th 2014. We had our make-up IMCA Modified feature from Friday May, 30th to start our night off.

Highway 59 Auction IMCA Modified Make-up
After a long two weeks these drivers had to wait for this make-up race all of the cars made it back to the Murray County Speedway on Friday. The first green flag flew over the speedway as Josh Bonnstetter took the lead right away but that didnít last long before Warren Van Weston took over the lead. All the cars are in turns three and four when the caution comes out for a car spinning around in turns three and four. Van Weston making it looks easy by pulling away from the rest of the field. Coming up from third place to challenge Van Weston is Jason Fischer. Fischer takes the lead as Van Weston falls behind to third place behind Bonnstetter. Fischer and Bonnstetter pull away from the field. Dalton Magers is trying to make his way to the front to catch Bonnstetter. Magers is starting to challenge Bonstetter for that second place position. The caution flag is pulled as there is a car spinning. On the restart Fischer takes the lead as Magers and Bonstetter goes back and forth the second place position.  Fischer takes home the checkered and behind him is Magers after a tight battle with Bonnstetter following in third close behind.

Hegstad Equipment IMCA Sport Compact
As the cars roll onto the track there are a lot of new cars out on the track. As the green flag drops Nathan Coopman takes the lead. It was not long before Stephanie Forsberg gets right up next to Coopman to challenge for the lead. S. Forsberg getting around Coopman. Coopman is not too far behind Forsberg for long before he decides to challenge her for the lead. The battle for first is heating up as neither Forsberg or Coopman can get around each other until the finish line as Coopman pulls ahead to take first. Following close behind Coopman is S. Forsberg and behind her is Neil Forsberg.

Hadley Elevator IMCA Hobby Stocks
The car count looking amazing for tonightís race! On the start Mark Jansen is pulling ahead of the field. Trevor Holm is trying to make his way to the front as he passes Katie Gillette for third place. Justin Luinenberg passes Jansen for the lead and pulls ahead of the rest of the field.  The caution is pulled as there is a car that has slow down on the front stretch. On the restart Luinenberg does not have it as easy as before as Jamie Songer made his way from the outside of row six to battling for the lead. The red flag is pulled as Gillette rolls her car onto her roof. This is not the first time this season the she had her car off of her wheels. Gillette makes her way out of the car safely. On the restart Songer and Luinenberg continue to battle for the lead. A caution is pulled and when we restart we will start single file and go green white checkered as they have hit the time limit. Luinenberg is able to pull away for the checkered flag with Songer close behind. Cory Probst and Matt Hanson had amazing runs as Probst finished third and Hanson in fourth.

R&H Sealcoating IMCA Northern Sport Mods
The car count was looking great for the evening when the Sport Mods came out onto the track for the evening. The green flag is flying and there is already a battle for second between Adam Ecker and Nick Johanson. Randy Hook got the early lead when the caution is pulled. On the restart Hook jumps out in front and Ecker and Johanson are battling again when Johanson pulls ahead of Hook and Tom Brown makes his way into second passing Ecker and Hook while battling for third place position. Aaron Krohn is making his way up by passing Nick Dieter and trying to get around Ecker. We are going three wide as Krohn, Ecker, and Hook all challenging for the third. The caution is pulled as Ecker enters the spin cycle in turn 4. On the restart Johanson gets the early lead, with Krohn and Brown battle for the second place position. Brown is off the track on the back of the track causing another yellow to be pulled. Single file restart this time around and green white checkered as the time limit has expired. On the restart Johanson gets the early lead when the caution is pulled ending the race. Nick took home the win for the evening with Krohn, Dieter, and Looft following behind.

Highway 59 Auction IMCA Modified
We gained a bunch more cars from the first feature here to fight making the car count looking amazing. As the green flag drops Jay Noteboom takes the lead. Dalton Magers and Randy Klein are battling for the second place position. Jeffery Larson and Brandon Beckendorf are battling each other. The caution is out causing a restart.  Noteboom gets the early lead when the green flag flies again with Magers following close behind. The caution is out on Magers as he enters the spin cycle and ends his night of racing. On the restart Curt Lund makes his way into the fourth place position working on that third place position. The yellow flag is pulled again and on this restart will be their last chance as it goes green white checkered for the time limit has expired. On the restart Noteboom takes the lead again with Jeff Larson following close behind. Behind J. Larson, Lund and Dustin Larson are battling for the third place position all the way to the finish. Noteboom takes home the win with Jeff Larson, Lund, and Dustin Larson following close behind.

June 13th Results -
IMCA Modified Feature Winner from May 30th - Jason Fischer



IMCA Sport Compact Feature Winner - Nate Coopman

A Feature:1. Nate Coopman (Mankato, MN), 2. Stephanie Forsberg (Slayton, MN), 3. Neil Forsberg (Slayton, MN), 4. Kyle Ewert (Glencoe, MN), 5. Joe Bunkofske (Armstrong, IA), 6. Jon Joehnck (Balaton, MN), 7. Nathan Sukalski (Fairmont, MN), 8. Cole Bassett (Slayton, MN), 9. Jordan Rogotzke (Sanborn, MN),

Heats:1. Neil Forsberg (Slayton, MN), 2. Nate Coopman (Mankato, MN), 3. Stephanie Forsberg (Slayton, MN), 4. Jordan Rogotzke (Sanborn, MN), 5. Joe Bunkofske (Armstrong, IA), 6. Jon Joehnck (Balaton, MN), 7. Nathan Sukalski (Fairmont, MN), 8. Cole Bassett (Slayton, MN), 9. Kyle Ewert (Glencoe, MN),


IMCA Hobby Feature Winner - Justin Luinenberg

A Feature:1. Justin Luinenberg (Reading, MN), 2. Jamie Songer (Ankeny, IA), 3. Cory Probst (Worthington, MN), 4. Matt Hanson (Slayton, MN), 5. Mark Janssen (Worthington, MN), 6. Brad Snyder (Milroy, MN), 7. Travis Radke (Currie, MN), 8. Ernie Dailey (Worthington, MN), 9. Corey Groenwald (Adrian, MN), 10. John Mitchell (Slayton, MN), 11. Trevor Holm (Edgerton, MN), 12. Derek Platt (Slayton, MN), 13. Bruce Kingery (Reading, MN), 14. Adam Snyder (Milroy, MN), 15. Tim Kennedy  (Round Lake , MN), 16. Katie Gillette (Chandler, MN), 17. Adam Bruder (Tracy, MN), 18. Clyde Krog (Lake Benton, MN), 19. Devon Kuehne (Reading, MN), 20. Wes Jahnz (St James, MN), 21. Eric Gillette (Slayton, MN),

Heats 1:1. Corey Groenwald (Adrian, MN), 2. Adam Snyder (Milroy, MN), 3. Justin Luinenberg (Reading, MN), 4. Travis Radke (Currie, MN), 5. John Mitchell (Slayton, MN), 6. Tim Kennedy  (Round Lake , MN), 7. Wes Jahnz (St James, MN),

Heats 2:1. Jamie Songer (Ankeny, IA), 2. Cory Probst (Worthington, MN), 3. Derek Platt (Slayton, MN), 4. Brad Snyder (Milroy, MN), 5. Bruce Kingery (Reading, MN), 6. Ernie Dailey (Worthington, MN), 7. Eric Gillette (Slayton, MN),

Heats 3:1. Matt Hanson (Slayton, MN), 2. Trevor Holm (Edgerton, MN), 3. Katie Gillette (Chandler, MN), 4. Mark Janssen (Worthington, MN), 5. Devon Kuehne (Reading, MN), 6. Clyde Krog (Lake Benton, MN), 7. Adam Bruder (Tracy, MN),

IMCA Sport Mod Feature Winner - Nick Johanson

A Feature:1. Nick Johanson (Tyler, MN), 2. Aaron Krohn (Slayton, MN), 3. Nick Dieter (Brewster, MN), 4. Matt Looft (Swea City, IA), 5. Tony Rialson (Cottonwood, MN), 6. Danny Myrvold (Heron Lake, MN), 7. Jim  Gregoire (Ivanhoe, MN), 8. Dan Paplow (Dundee, MN), 9. Adam Ecker (Comfrey, MN), 10. Randy Fischer (Sleepy Eye, MN), 11. Eric Bassett (Mankato, MN), 12. Bruce Egeland (Marshall, MN), 13. Brycen Johnson (Slayton, MN), 14. Brian Rogers (Worthington, MN), 15. Randy Hook (Russell, MN), 16. Tom Brown (Heron Lake, MN), 17. Nick Ober (Round Lake, MN),

Heats 1:1. Randy Hook (Russell, MN), 2. Randy Fischer (Sleepy Eye, MN), 3. Adam Ecker (Comfrey, MN), 4. Aaron Krohn (Slayton, MN), 5. Brycen Johnson (Slayton, MN), 6. Nick Ober (Round Lake, MN),

Heats 2:1. Nick Johanson (Tyler, MN), 2. Jim  Gregoire (Ivanhoe, MN), 3. Danny Myrvold (Heron Lake, MN), 4. Bruce Egeland (Marshall, MN), 5. Tony Rialson (Cottonwood, MN), 6. Eric Bassett (Mankato, MN),

Heats 3:1. Dan Paplow (Dundee, MN), 2. Matt Looft (Swea City, IA), 3. Nick Dieter (Brewster, MN), 4. Tom Brown (Heron Lake, MN), 5. Brian Rogers (Worthington, MN),


IMCA Stock Car Feature Winner - Gary Mattison

A Feature:1. Gary Mattison (Lamberton, MN), 2. Jim Larson (Rushmore, MN), 3. Jake Masters (Graettinger, IA), 4. Matt Speckman (Sleepy Eye, MN), 5. Jake Bruns (Belview, MN), 6. Jon  Schmidt (Cottonwood, MN), 7. Kevin DeBaere (Tracy, MN), 8. Roger Verdoorn (Sibley, IA), 9. Brad Scheibel (Essig, MN), 10. Shaun Madden (Lynd, MN), 11. Dean Nething (Vesta, MN), 12. David Reisdorfer (Adrian, MN), 13. Jim  Gregoire (Ivanhoe, MN),

Heats 1:1. Jon  Schmidt (Cottonwood, MN), 2. Shaun Madden (Lynd, MN), 3. Dean Nething (Vesta, MN), 4. Jake Bruns (Belview, MN), 5. Matt Speckman (Sleepy Eye, MN), 6. Roger Verdoorn (Sibley, IA), 7. Jake Masters (Graettinger, IA),

Heats 2:1. Kevin DeBaere (Tracy, MN), 2. Gary Mattison (Lamberton, MN), 3. Jim Larson (Rushmore, MN), 4. Brad Scheibel (Essig, MN), 5. Jim  Gregoire (Ivanhoe, MN), 6. David Reisdorfer (Adrian, MN),


IMCA Modified Feature Winner - Jay Noteboom

A Feature:1. Jay Noteboom (Hinton, IA), 2. Jeff Larson (Lakefield, MN), 3. Curt Lund (Redwood Falls, MN), 4. Dustin Larson (Worthington, MN), 5. Brandon Beckendorf (Danube, MN), 6. Tyler Limoges (Redwood Falls, MN), 7. Josh Rogotzke (Sanborn, MN), 8. Mat Hollerich (Good Thunder, MN), 9. Justin Anderson (Lewisville, MN), 10. Jeff Maasch (Vesta, MN), 11. Greg Jacobsen (Sherburn, MN), 12. Josh Bonnstetter (Slayton, MN), 13. Randy Klein (Currie, MN), 14. Dalton Magers (Redwood Falls, MN), 15. Josh Meyer (Fairmont, MN), 16. Jason Fisher (Lakefield, MN), 17. Jerry Wren (Howard Lake, MN), 18. Warren Van Weston (Sibley, IA),

Heats 1:1. Dalton Magers (Redwood Falls, MN), 2. Dustin Larson (Worthington, MN), 3. Jason Fisher (Lakefield, MN), 4. Josh Meyer (Fairmont, MN), 5. Jeff Maasch (Vesta, MN), 6. Mat Hollerich (Good Thunder, MN),

Heats 2:1. Jeff Larson (Lakefield, MN), 2. Jay Noteboom (Hinton, IA), 3. Brandon Beckendorf (Danube, MN), 4. Randy Klein (Currie, MN), 5. Josh Bonnstetter (Slayton, MN), 6. Warren Van Weston (Sibley, IA),

Heats 3:1. Jerry Wren (Howard Lake, MN), 2. Justin Anderson (Lewisville, MN), 3. Greg Jacobsen (Sherburn, MN), 4. Josh Rogotzke (Sanborn, MN), 5. Curt Lund (Redwood Falls, MN), 6. Tyler Limoges (Redwood Falls, MN),