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The Cream of the Top invade the NorthStar Touring Series at the Murray County Speedway

A terrific night of racing was held this past Friday night, as the IMCA NorthStar Touring Series brought together the 85 best drivers
from Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa to compete for the championship of the Series. This was the first event of two that the
Speedway will host, with the second night to be held on July 26th.

Hegstad Equipment IMCA Sport Compacts
The IMCA Sport Compacts were first to take the track. Nate Coopman and Stephanie Forsberg led the field to the green flag, with
Coopman taking the lead in corner three. Coopman would lead the field to the checkered flag with Forsberg in second, Tammy Lingen
in third and Brent Staab in fourth.

Staab Power Washing Pure Stocks
Next up was the Murray County Pure Stock. Brent Stabb would jump out to the early race lead. A slight error by Staab on lap three,
allowed David Reisdorfer to take the lead, and he was able to hold Staab off, for the win. Travis Radke was third, with Matt Smith
taking fourth.

Hadley Elevator IMCA Hobby Stocks
The IMCA Hobby Stocks was the next class to line up for their feature with 19 cars looking for the checkered flag. Holding the lead
for the first seven laps was Corey “Little Moe” Gronewold, but with hot pursuit by the 00x of Jeremy VanEde. Gronewold and
VanEde would race side by side until Gronewold would drift high going into corner four. VanEde would open a large lead until a
caution on lap 12. VanEde and Gronewold would hold their spots on the restart, but the battle for third was now between Chris
Issacson and Justin Luinenberg. Issacson would find the high groove to power his way to stay in front of Luinenberg at the checkered
flag. Cory Probst would hold on to fifth place.

RH Sealcoating IMCA Sport Modifieds
Next were the IMCA Sport Modifieds, with a full field of 21 cars starting. Outside of front row holder, Adam Ecker would jump out
to the early lead. After a couple of cautions, Matt Looft would gain second place, with 10th position starter, Jake Simpson making a
hard charge up to third place. After another caution, Ecker would take even a larger lead, as Looft and Simpson battled for second
place. At the checkered flag, it was Ecker, Looft, and Simpson, holding their spots, with Justin Remus taking fourth and Dan Paplow
taking fifth.

Car Toyz Race Wraps / Sign Pro IMCA Stock Cars
The Stock Cars came out for their feature with Chris Palsrok and Brad Scheibel, starting on the front row. Palsrok and Scheibel would
tussle up front for the first 5 laps, with Jim Larson and Dustin Larson working their way into and third and fourth places. The hard
charging Dustin Larson would then make the move of the race over the next two laps, passing all three cars on the low side of the
track, to take the lead. Jim Larson would then take over the second spot from Palsrok, with Kevin DeBaere moving up to fourth.
Dustin Larson would hold on to the win, with Jim Larson in second place, DeBaere in third, Palsrok in fourth and Scheibel in fifth.

Hwy 59 Auction Center / IMCA Modifieds
The last race of the evening, seen the Modifieds roll-out with 15 cars starting. On the start, Tyler Limoges made it known, that he was
the car to beat in this race. After the first several laps, Limoges found the fast high groove of the track, and put a considerable lead on
the rest of the field. A caution on lap 7, brought the rest of the field back to Limoges, but he was still no match for them, as he
restarted the race again. The battle for the next several laps was for second between Justin Anderson and Curt Lund. Lund would gain
second place, and then Jay Noteboom would challenge Anderson for third place. Limoges easily lead the field to the checkered flag,
with Lund, Noteboom, Anderson following, with Dalton Magers finishing fifth.

This Friday nights action is sponsored by Monogram Meat Snacks of Chandler. The racing special is the “Hub City” IMCA Hobby
Stock Shoot-Out with $300 to win purse.

On Friday June 28th, the Murray County Speedway will have a “Salute to Agriculture Night” sponsored by MN Corn Growers,
Murray County Dairy Association, AG Star, Murray County Pork Producers and Murray, Nobles & Pipestone County Corn &
Soybean Growers. This will be a FREE admission night into the grandstand. Featuring for the night will be Ag related concession
items, Milk Shakes, Grilled Pork Chops, the BioFuel Pace Car, the Bonnstetter Racing 98% Ethanol Race Cars, the Hotrod Racing
Tour, plus the IMCA Modifieds.

June 14th Feature Winners


IMCA Sport Compact Feature Winner - Nate Coopman

A Feature:1. Nate Coopman (Mankato, MN), 2. Stephanie Forsberg (Slayton, MN), 3. Brent Staab (Hadley, MN), 4. Nikkya Betz (Avoca, MN), 5. Chuck Wilhelmi, 6. Nathan  Sukalski (Jackson, MN), 7. John Deuschle (Brewster, MN), 8. Jon Joehnck (Balaton, MN), 9. Tammy Lingen (Luverne, MN),

Heats:1. Stephanie Forsberg (Slayton, MN), 2. Tammy Lingen (Luverne, MN), 3. Nate Coopman (Mankato, MN), 4. Chuck Wilhelmi, 5. Brent Staab (Hadley, MN), 6. Nikkya Betz (Avoca, MN), 7. Jon Joehnck (Balaton, MN), 8. John Deuschle (Brewster, MN),


MCS Pure Stock Feature Winner - David Reisdorfer

A Feature:1. David Reisdorfer (Adrian, MN), 2. Brent Staab (Hadley, MN), 3. Travis Radke (Currie, MN), 4. Matt Smith (Tracy, MN),

Heats:1. Travis Radke (Currie, MN), 2. David Reisdorfer (Adrian, MN), 3. Brent Staab (Hadley, MN), 4. Matt Smith (Tracy, MN),

IMCA Hobby Feature Winner - Jeremy VanEde


A Feature:1. Jeremy Van Ede (Adrian, MN), 2. Corey Groenwald (Adrian, MN), 3. Chris Issacson (New Ulm, MN), 4. Justin Luinenberg (Reading, MN), 5. Cory Probst (Worthington, MN), 6. Eric Gillette (Slayton, MN), 7. Ernie Daily (Worthington, MN), 8. Trevor Holm (Chandler, MN), 9. Tony Voss (Round Lake, MN), 10. Adam Snyder (Milroy, MN), 11. Brennen Boettger (Springfield, MN), 12. Rex Hammerschmidt (Bingham Lake, MN), 13. Clyde Krog (Lake Benton, MN), 14. Neil Forsberg (Slayton, MN), 15. Nathan Gegner (Morgan, MN), 16. Tim Kennedy  (Round Lake , MN), 17. Adam Bruder (Tracy, MN), 18. Derek Platt (Slayton, MN), 19. Matt Hanson (Slayton, MN), 20. David Eckland (St Peter, MN), 21. John Ross (Worthington, MN),

Heats 1:1. Eric Gillette (Slayton, MN), 2. Jeremy Van Ede (Adrian, MN), 3. Adam Snyder (Milroy, MN), 4. Clyde Krog (Lake Benton, MN), 5. David Eckland (St Peter, MN),

Heats 2:1. Corey Groenwald (Adrian, MN), 2. Ernie Daily (Worthington, MN), 3. Chris Issacson (New Ulm, MN), 4. Adam Bruder (Tracy, MN), 5. John Ross (Worthington, MN),

Heats 3:1. Cory Probst (Worthington, MN), 2. Justin Luinenberg (Reading, MN), 3. Brennen Boettger (Springfield, MN), 4. Nathan Gegner (Morgan, MN), 5. Neil Forsberg (Slayton, MN),

Heats 4:1. Matt Hanson (Slayton, MN), 2. Trevor Holm (Chandler, MN), 3. Rex Hammerschmidt (Bingham Lake, MN), 4. Tony Voss (Round Lake, MN), 5. Tim Kennedy  (Round Lake , MN), 6. Derek Platt (Slayton, MN),


IMCA Sport Mod Feature Winner - Adam Ecker

A Feature:1. Adam Ecker (Comfrey, MN), 2. Matt Looft (Swea City, IA), 3. Jake Simpson (Algona, IA), 4. Justin Remus (Sleepy Eye, MN), 5. Dan Paplow (Dundee, MN), 6. Randy Hook (Russell, MN), 7. Randy Fischer (Sleepy Eye, MN), 8. Jordan Meine (Springfield, MN), 9. Chris LeTendre (Slayton, MN), 10. Kyle Steuber (Fairmont, MN), 11. Aaron Krohn (Slayton, MN), 12. Aaron Betz (Avoca, MN), 13. Danny Myrvold (Heron Lake, MN), 14. Tony Rialson (Cottonwood, MN), 15. Brian Rogers (Worthington, MN), 16. John Albrecht (Glencoe, MN), 17. Tom Brown (Heron Lake, MN), 18. Brycen Johnson (Slayton, MN), 19. Brodie McKeown (Heron Lake, MN), 20. Bruce Egeland (Marshall, MN), 21. Nick Ober (Round Lake, MN),

Heats 1:1. Bruce Egeland (Marshall, MN), 2. Tom Brown (Heron Lake, MN), 3. Aaron Krohn (Slayton, MN), 4. Brian Rogers (Worthington, MN), 5. Kyle Steuber (Fairmont, MN), 6. John Albrecht (Glencoe, MN),

Heats 2:1. Jake Simpson (Algona, IA), 2. Randy Hook (Russell, MN), 3. Jordan Meine (Springfield, MN), 4. Tony Rialson (Cottonwood, MN), 5. Chris LeTendre (Slayton, MN),

Heats 3:1. Danny Myrvold (Heron Lake, MN), 2. Adam Ecker (Comfrey, MN), 3. Brodie McKeown (Heron Lake, MN), 4. Randy Fischer (Sleepy Eye, MN), 5. Aaron Betz (Avoca, MN),

Heats 4:1. Matt Looft (Swea City, IA), 2. Dan Paplow (Dundee, MN), 3. Justin Remus (Sleepy Eye, MN), 4. Nick Ober (Round Lake, MN), 5. Brycen Johnson (Slayton, MN),


IMCA Stock Car Feature Winner - Dustin Larson

A Feature:1. Dustin Larson (Rushmore, MN), 2. Jim Larson (Rushmore, MN), 3. Kevin DeBaere (Tracy, MN), 4. Chris Palsrok (Sibley, IA), 5. Brad Scheibel (Essex, MN), 6. Luke Sathoff (Jackson, MN), 7. Matt Schauer (Arlington, MN), 8. Troy Winter (Slayton, MN), 9. James Richert (Comfrey, MN), 10. Elijah Zevenbergen (Ocheydan, IA), 11. Michael Bruns (Olivia, MN), 12. Gary Mattison (Lamberton, MN), 13. Steve Bents (Worthington, MN), 14. Matt Grabow (Milroy, MN),

Heats 1:1. Elijah Zevenbergen (Ocheydan, IA), 2. Gary Mattison (Lamberton, MN), 3. Chris Palsrok (Sibley, IA), 4. Jim Larson (Rushmore, MN), 5. Kevin DeBaere (Tracy, MN), 6. Troy Winter (Slayton, MN), 7. Steve Bents (Worthington, MN),

Heats 2:1. Matt Schauer (Arlington, MN), 2. Michael Bruns (Olivia, MN), 3. Brad Scheibel (Essex, MN), 4. Dustin Larson (Rushmore, MN), 5. Matt Grabow (Milroy, MN), 6. Luke Sathoff (Jackson, MN), 7. James Richert (Comfrey, MN),


IMCA Modified Feature Winner - Tyler Limoges

A Feature:1. Tyler Limoges (Redwood Falls, MN), 2. Curt Lund (Redwood Falls, MN), 3. Jay Noteboom (Hinton, IA), 4. Justin Anderson (Truman, MN), 5. Dalton Magers (Redwood Falls, MN), 6. Josh Rogotzke (Sanborn, MN), 7. Josh Bonnstetter (Slayton, MN), 8. Warren Van Weston (Sibley, IA), 9. Mat Hollerich (Good Thunder, MN), 10. Jeff Larson (Lakefield, MN), 11. Brandon Beckendorf (Danube, MN), 12. Josh Meyer (Fairmont, MN), 13. Jason Briese (Cleghorn, IA), 14. Dan Menk, 15. Devon Schlumbohm (Sioux Falls, SD), 16. Jim Horejsi (Echo, MN),

Heats 1:1. Tyler Limoges (Redwood Falls, MN), 2. Dalton Magers (Redwood Falls, MN), 3. Justin Anderson (Truman, MN), 4. Josh Bonnstetter (Slayton, MN), 5. Jason Briese (Cleghorn, IA), 6. Jim Horejsi (Echo, MN),

Heats 2:1. Josh Rogotzke (Sanborn, MN), 2. Jeff Larson (Lakefield, MN), 3. Mat Hollerich (Good Thunder, MN), 4. Curt Lund (Redwood Falls, MN), 5. Devon Schlumbohm (Sioux Falls, SD),

Heats 3:1. Brandon Beckendorf (Danube, MN), 2. Dan Menk, 3. Warren Van Weston (Sibley, IA), 4. Jay Noteboom (Hinton, IA), 5. Josh Meyer (Fairmont, MN),