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July 12th Feature Winners

Races resume at the Murray County Speedway after a week off

It was a perfect night for the races to resume at the Murray County Speedway. After taking a week off due to the north star series being in Fairmont, fans were hoping for exciting races. The drivers definitely delievered and it was another good week of races.

Hegstad Equipment IMCA Sport Compacts
The sport compacts started off the nights feature races. Aranda Forsberg in the 17 took the early race lead. Stephanie Forsberg in the 7 began to challenge for the lead. Nikkya Betz joined in the battle for the lead. Betz looked to break up the siblings and take second away from Stephanie. Betz was able to get around both Forsbergs and take the race lead. Betz went on to take the feature win.

Staab Power Washing Pure Stocks
Next up were the pure stocks. The car count for this class was low once again. Hopefully more pure stocks will join in the near future. David Reisdorfer would take the lead. Once he took the lead, he never surrendered it and took the feature win.

Hadley Elevator IMCA Hobby Stocks
Fifteen cars made the call for the hobby stock feature. John Ross in the 28 jumped out to the early race lead. Trevor Holm in the 17 got an amazing start and was able to quickly pass Neil Forsberg in the 7 and Ross and take the race lead. After an early caution, Holm maintained the lead and began to distance himself from the field. As Holm pulled away, an intense 4 car battle for second began. Eric Gillette, Adam Snyder, and Derek Platt all began to challenge Forsberg for second. These 4 drivers would fight right down to the finish. When all was said and done, Holm took the feature win in dominating fashion. Forsberg was able to hold on to second and Adam Snyder took home third.

RH Sealcoating IMCA Sport Modifieds
The sport modifieds looked to continue the excitement. Fifteen cars made the call for the feature race. It was a very scary scene early on in the race. While going down the backstretch, the R13 of Cody Brown became completely engulfed in flames. Emergency personnel rushed to put out the fire. However, it was Justin Rowe who displayed the ultimate show of sportsmanship. Rowe got out of his car and rushed over to Browns car and was able to quickly pull Brown from the car. Brown was unharmed. Rowe was given a standing ovation as he passed the grandstands. When the race resumed, Danny Myrvold in the R6 took the race lead. Aaron Krohn in the 777 got up to second and looked to challenge for the lead. Myrvold had opened up a decent sized gap, but a caution would get rid of the gap. On the restart, Myrvold maintained the lead. Krohn once again looked to try and get around Myrvold. However, Myrvold was able to hold on and take the feature win.

Car Toyz Race Wrapz / Sign Pro IMCA Street Stocks
The street stocks were next to take the track. Troy winter in the 2 jumped out to the early race lead. However, Grabow would stay close and immediately begin to challenge for the lead. As the two drivers battled, they distanced themselves from the field. However, a caution would tighten things back up. Problems for Winter forced him to call it a night and surrender the lead back to Grabow. On the restart, Grabow maintained the lead. Kevin DeBaere in the 7 and Matt Speckman in the 81 would begin to challenge Grabow for the race lead. Grabow was doing everything he could to keep DeBaere and Speckamn back. Grabow was able to hold both drivers back and take home the feature win.

Hwy 59 Auction Center IMCA Modifieds
The IMCA modifieds would round out the night. Dan Menk in the 19M would jump out to the early race lead. However, he jumped the gun on a restart early on in the race and was sent to the rear. Menk would surrender the lead to Josh Rogotzke. On the restart, Rogotzke was able to keep the lead. Curt Lund in the 87 quickly passed Rogotzke and took the race lead. After a late caution, Lund maintained the lead. Rogotzke would try to challenge, but Lund began to pull away. Lund went on to take the feature win.


IMCA Sport Compact Feature Winner - Nikkya Betz

A Feature:1. Nikkya Betz (Avoca, MN), 2. Aranda Forsberg (Slayton, MN), 3. Stephanie Forsberg (Slayton, MN), 4. Jon Joehnck (Balaton, MN),

Heats:1. Stephanie Forsberg (Slayton, MN), 2. Jon Joehnck (Balaton, MN), 3. Nikkya Betz (Avoca, MN), 4. Aranda Forsberg (Slayton, MN)


MCS Pure Stock Feature Winner - David Reisdorfer

A Feature:1. David Reisdorfer (Adrian, MN), 2. Brent Staab (Hadley, MN), 3. Matt Smith (Tracy, MN),

Heats:1. Brent Staab (Hadley, MN), 2. David Reisdorfer (Adrian, MN), 3. Matt Smith (Tracy, MN)

IMCA Hobby Feature Winner - Trevor Holm

A Feature:1. Trevor Holm (Chandler, MN), 2. Neil Forsberg (Slayton, MN), 3. Adam Snyder (Milroy, MN), 4. Eric Gillette (Slayton, MN), 5. Corey Groenwald (Adrian, MN), 6. Cory Probst (Worthington, MN), 7. Bruce Kingery (Reading, MN), 8. Clyde Krog (Lake Benton, MN), 9. Tim Kennedy  (Round Lake , MN), 10. Brad Halbur (Hadley, MN), 11. Travis Radke (Currie, MN), 12. John Ross (Worthington, MN), 13. Matt Hanson (Slayton, MN), 14. Adam Bruder (Tracy, MN), 15. Derek Platt (Slayton, MN),

Heats 1:1. Eric Gillette (Slayton, MN), 2. Matt Hanson (Slayton, MN), 3. Derek Platt (Slayton, MN), 4. Cory Probst (Worthington, MN), 5. Adam Snyder (Milroy, MN), 6. Tim Kennedy  (Round Lake , MN), 7. Travis Radke (Currie, MN),

Heats 2:1. John Ross (Worthington, MN), 2. Trevor Holm (Chandler, MN), 3. Clyde Krog (Lake Benton, MN), 4. Bruce Kingery (Reading, MN), 5. Neil Forsberg (Slayton, MN), 6. Corey Groenwald (Adrian, MN), 7. Brad Halbur (Hadley, MN), 8. Adam Bruder (Tracy, MN),


IMCA Sport Mod Feature Winner - Danny Myrvold

A Feature:1. Danny Myrvold (Heron Lake, MN), 2. Aaron Krohn (Slayton, MN), 3. Chris LeTendre (Slayton, MN), 4. Randy Hook (Russell, MN), 5. Aaron Betz (Avoca, MN), 6. Adam Ecker (Comfrey, MN), 7. Tony Rialson (Cottonwood, MN), 8. Justin Rowe (Adrian, MN), 9. Nick Dieter (Brewster, MN), 10. Brycen Johnson (Slayton, MN), 11. Randy Fischer (Sleepy Eye, MN), 12. Bruce Egeland (Marshall, MN), 13. Brian Rogers (Worthington, MN), 14. Tom Brown (Heron Lake, MN), 15. Cody Brown (Heron Lake, MN),

Heats 1:1. Danny Myrvold (Heron Lake, MN), 2. Randy Hook (Russell, MN), 3. Brian Rogers (Worthington, MN), 4. Tom Brown (Heron Lake, MN), 5. Tony Rialson (Cottonwood, MN), 6. Randy Fischer (Sleepy Eye, MN), 7. Justin Rowe (Adrian, MN), 8. Nick Dieter (Brewster, MN),

Heats 2:1. Aaron Krohn (Slayton, MN), 2. Brycen Johnson (Slayton, MN), 3. Adam Ecker (Comfrey, MN), 4. Chris LeTendre (Slayton, MN), 5. Bruce Egeland (Marshall, MN), 6. Cody Brown (Heron Lake, MN), 7. Aaron Betz (Avoca, MN),


IMCA Stock Car Feature Winner - Matt Grabow

A Feature:1. Matt Grabow (Milroy, MN), 2. Matt Speckman (Sleepy Eye, MN), 3. Kevin DeBaere (Tracy, MN), 4. Chris Palsrok (Sibley, IA), 5. Dan Veenstra (Clements, MN), 6. Shaun Bruns (Danube, MN), 7. Wayne Oftedahl (Hanley Falls, MN), 8. Michael Bruns (Olivia, MN), 9. Kevin Bruns (Belview, MN), 10. Steve Bents (Worthington, MN), 11. Troy Winter (Slayton, MN), 12. Jim  Gregoire (Ivanhoe, MN),

Heats 1:1. Wayne Oftedahl (Hanley Falls, MN), 2. Matt Grabow (Milroy, MN), 3. Matt Speckman (Sleepy Eye, MN), 4. Kevin DeBaere (Tracy, MN), 5. Steve Bents (Worthington, MN), 6. Kevin Bruns (Belview, MN),

Heats 2:1. Troy Winter (Slayton, MN), 2. Michael Bruns (Olivia, MN), 3. Chris Palsrok (Sibley, IA), 4. Shaun Bruns (Danube, MN), 5. Jim  Gregoire (Ivanhoe, MN), 6. Dan Veenstra (Clements, MN),

IMCA Modified Feature Winner - Curt Lund

A Feature:1. Curt Lund (Redwood Falls, MN), 2. Josh Rogotzke (Sanborn, MN), 3. Justin Anderson (Truman, MN), 4. Dan Menk (Franklin, MN), 5. Devon Schlumbohm (Sioux Falls, SD), 6. Warren Van Weston (Sibley, IA), 7. Tyler Limoges (Redwood Falls, MN), 8. Jeff Maasch (Vesta, MN), 9. Dalton Magers (Redwood Falls, MN), 10. Josh Bonnstetter (Slayton, MN),

Heats 1:1. Devon Schlumbohm (Sioux Falls, SD), 2. Justin Anderson (Truman, MN), 3. Tyler Limoges (Redwood Falls, MN), 4. Josh Rogotzke (Sanborn, MN), 5. Warren Van Weston (Sibley, IA),

Heats 2:1. Dan Menk (Franklin, MN), 2. Josh Bonnstetter (Slayton, MN), 3. Dalton Magers (Redwood Falls, MN), 4. Curt Lund (Redwood Falls, MN), 5. Jeff Maasch (Vesta, MN),