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Official Soft Drink of the
Murray County Speedway
and Sponsor of the 2013
Dominick Bruns Memorial
Stock Car race for
$1,000 to the Winner

2014 Rules
IMCA Sport Compact
IMCA Hobby
IMCA Sport Mod
IMCA Stock Car
IMCA Modified

MCRA Sportsmen Rules

Murray County
Racing Association
Hall of Fame

Class of 2013
Jeff Erickson
Russ Winter

Class of 2012
Jim Gillette

Class of 2011
Jerry Gronewold
Troy Winter
Ron Luitjens
Fred Widboom
Steve Malherek

Class of 2010
Dave Baack
Earle Linder
Rande Johnson
Gary Muecke
Roger Tyrrell

DeBoer Chevy - Edgerton

Pizza Ranch - Slayton


The official email address for the Murray County Speedway is Josh Schafer is no longer associated with the Speedway. Please contact President / Promoter Glen Van Eck at either 507-220-3511 or by email at the Yahoo address.
The Murray County Speedway will be hosting the IMCA Racesaver 305 Sprint Cars on June 6th and August 22nd. This is an up and coming class that has been raced at the Arlington Speedway for the past years. More information will be posted about the Sprint Cars, when it gets closer to June 6th.

The 2014 Racing Season for the
Murray County Speedway will be soon here.

The 2014 Race Schedule is now posted online
Opening Night is May 16th
with All Five IMCA Classes Running this Night
Click here to see the 2014 Race Schedule

The Board of Directors for the
Murray County Speedway for 2014 is
Glen Van Eck - President/Promoter
Rande Johnson - Vice President
Sharon Staples - Secretary
Jim Gillette - Director
Dan Jensen - Director

The Murray County Speedway will be offering
a season pass to the Grandstand for the 2014 season.
Cost of the Pass is $145 (A $156 value package)
For all 15 nights of the 2014 race season

Please follow this link, to fill out the form.


to the Murray County Fire Departments and
Murray County Ambulance Crew!!!!





Murray County Fair
August 13th - 16th
Click Here for Website






























Email Address

 Murray County Racing Association Board of Directors
Glen Van Eck-
President / Promoter
Sharon Staples
Rande Johnson
Jim Gillette
Dan Jensen

Please call Glen
Van Eck on questions

All IMCA Tech Questions, Please call
Steve Malherek
Tech Man for the
Murray County Speedway


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